Blugrays Direct Deposit is the fourth short in the series.

In this short, Tobaul tries to get a partial refund digitally using Blugrays Direct Deposit.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the very first short/animation/content piece of the Blugrays in 2018.
  • This is the third short in a row to be in the Educational Success Area.
  • The animation style beginning from this short has changed a bit; there is now more frame-by-frame animation done on twos in order to not have to make the characters move as much, although the animation style from the previous three shorts is still used occasionally for Tobaul and Lexal. The check is the only character to fully use the new animation style.
  • Although MegaAnimazing has helped Natty23 with the Blugrays with ideas before, this is the first time he has also contributed art to something from the Blugrays. This is also the first short to credit him for anything.
  • Artistunknown helped improve the script of the episode by changing one of the check’s lines a bit.
  • The credits length has increased a little bit. Not only that, but the style of it has changed in various other ways as well.
  • Until a minute after being released on the website, the homepage claimed that the latest button would take you to this short, but it still lead to the fourth comic, and until two minutes after being on the website, the page of this short didn't have its custom link name.
  • This is Tobaul's first appearance in a Blugrays animation, as well as her first speaking appearance in one. Lexal appeared in the first short, but she was only partially seen and never spoke, which also makes this short her first speaking appearance in one.