Break Time is the first comic of Season 2 of the Blugrays and the fourteenth comic overall in the series.

In this comic, Languil and Dutny discuss what they do when they have days off, or breaks.

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  • This is the first time the parodied Dolphin Cove lounge is seen. Another lounge was seen in the very first Blugrays short Lounch over a year ago, but it was based off of the one in the College of Staten Island's St. George campus. It is unknown if that one in particular will be seen again, but probably not for inside Blugray Cove, where the Blugrays reside.
  • This is also the first time the Recreation Center's TV can be seen in a Blugrays content piece.
  • This is the first time the side view of Akhoountant can be seen.
  • This is the first comic of Season 2 of the Blugrays.
    • It's also the first updated comic of the season.
  • On October 16, 2018, this comic was updated by fixing the goof mentioned below.


  • The Dead Golden Cat lacks eyebrows.