Celwoge's Improved Teaching Workload is the tenth comic in the series.

In this comic, Celwoge comes up with a way to improve her status as a professor.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This comic is very similar to the previous one, Online Test, in multiple ways:
    • Both comics were released about a month after their preceding comic. However, this comic was one day shy from being released exactly four weeks after the previous one, therefore it was released before the previous comic turned a month old.
    • Both show every main Blugrays student. In fact, out of the main cast, both comics exclude Dilphan, Tacner, and Oslonda.
    • Both comics are tied for having the most amount of main Blugrays characters while lacking any other characters.
    • Cary Huang's Shaker tool was used to randomize the rotations of the students most of the time to make them seem more life-like for both of these comics (same goes for back views).
    • Both of these comics were finished on a day before their release dates. As for this comic, though, aside from minor fixes made throughout several days, it was finished six days (almost a week) before being released while the other was finished a day before release.
  • This is the first double-digit comic/content piece of the Blugrays.
  • This currently has the longest title out of any Blugrays comic/content piece so far.
  • This is the first comic/content piece to be released after the new previous and next buttons have been added onto the website.
  • This comic's Latest background for the website was too high on the home page and too high or low on the comics page until almost six hours after being released. This is because Natty23 added them it onto the pages while he was on his Windows 10 laptop (with a smaller screen than the Mac desktop he usually uses).