Circle Road is the fifth comic in the series.

In this comic, Oslonda drives through Circle Road.

Appearances Edit

Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the very first comic of the Blugrays in 2018.
  • This is the the first appearance of Circle Road.
  • As of this comic, the width of the lines are at 5 once again. It was changed from 5 to 5.95 starting with Lounch, the first Blugrays short.
  • This is the first Blugrays comic in 2018 to be updated, and it's also the first ever comic to be updated the same day it was released.
  • The homepage and Comics page still had the background of Blugrays Direct Deposit, which was a short that came right before this comic, to imply that it was the latest Blugrays content until almost three hours after the release of this comic. In addition to that, the car lights shined more as an update almost immediately after.
  • This is the first comic to just be uploaded onto ImgPile, the new storage for Blugrays comics.
  • This is the first comic of the Blugrays to not contain any characters outside of the main cast. It's also the first comic/content piece to contain just one character.
  • This is the last comic to contain just white speech bubbles.