Dafe Camarillo is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

She loves to cook, however, since the Blugrays offers no degrees related to cooking, she decided to get a science degree instead, that way she could explore the science of food in the future.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Dafe’s design is based off a chef’s hat.
  • Dafe’s name is based off of the word “cafe”, but her original name was Tasatelye, although it was ditched due to its hard pronunciation.
    • But similarly, the name Tasatelye is constructed from the word “cafeteria”.
  • The only reason Dafe became a character was because one thing most (if not all) colleges had in common was having cafeterias. College of Staten Island has no culinary classes, so she was at one point in danger of being removed from the series until Natty23 remembered why she was created again.
  • The voice of Dafe was previously used for an old unreleased short made by Natty23 in late 2012.