Dilphan Lorenz is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

He is the co-leader of the cast, along with his wife, Celwoge. They also have two other assistants, who were former Blugrays students as well.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Dilphan’s design and name are based off a dolphin because the College of Staten Island’s mascot, Danny, is a dolphin.
    • However, a word that was constructed from “dolphin” was originally going to be Dutny’s name.
    • Also, while this hasn’t been seen yet due to the style of the eyes in this series, Dilphan has blue eyes just like Danny.
  • Even though it seems as if Dilphan lacks a nose, he technically has one; it’s right above his eyes, just like normal dolphins.
  • Dilphan’s voice was originally going to have an underwater effect to it, just like Octopuff’s voice (a character from seasons 5 to 7 of The Squishables, a cancelled series by Natty23), but Artistunknown believed that it was harder to hear his voice with the effect, so Dilphan ended up with a normal voice instead.
  • Dilphan is one of the only two characters out of the 16 not to have normal arms. In fact, the arms he has lacks hands, just like Octopuff. The other character is Culpatyn, who has similar arms (except that they're shorter and don't have sharp ends).
  • In Natty23’s opinion, Dilphan is the Octopuff of the Blugrays series in a way due to both of them being based off of sea animals in both name and design, although he likes Dilphan more (other than terms of drawing and animation).
  • Dilphan is the oldest bloban of the Blugrays.
  • Dilphan is the only character to never appear in Season 1 shorts and is tied with Tacner for the smallest amount of appearances in Season 1 too, although if anything, Dilphan has more since at least he actually physically appeared in at least one of the comics while Tacner didn't. On the other hand, he and Stede are the only characters not to speak in any Season 1 shorts.