Food Pantry is the ninth short in the series.

In this short, Dutny, Hibe, and Languil go to the Blugrays' food pantry.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Hibe and Oslonda have spoken in a Blugrays animation. In fact, this is the first time Oslonda has appeared in one. They have appeared and talked in Blugrays comics before this one.
    • In addition, with Oslonda's first speaking appearance, all main female characters of the Blugrays have spoken at least once in a Blugrays short/animation since she was the last female to do so.
  • This is the first appearance of the main Blugray Lounge, the Green Blugray Lounge, and the Blugray Pantry.
  • Until ten minutes after the release of this short, the homepage of the Blugrays website displayed "Latest Short", but it lead to the ninth comic (which was the latest one at the time this short was released).
  • This short was reuploaded onto YouTube and the Blugrays website 13 hours after being released to improve one background and fix another.
  • This is the second short to be reuploaded or delayed due to background enhancements and fixes. The first was Lounch, the very first Blugrays short.
    • However, unlike this short, Lounch had a scheduled upload that ended up being cancelled for background fixes, so it technically wasn't reuploaded to the public like Food Pantry was.


  • Two of the lines on Hibe's body are disconnected a bit at the beginning of the short. In addition, when he's seen at the end of the short, one of the lines on his body go past it a little.
  • The door of the food pantry is cut off at the bottom of the screen in the last scene of this short.