Keachet Thoreau is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

He aspires to be a teacher, and is willing to take any chance he gets to act like one.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Keachet’s name is constructed from the word “teacher”.
  • Keachet is one of the only two characters to lack a nose. Joarfol is the other one.
  • Keachet's voice actor shares the same name as Hibe's voice actor (and the creator of the Blugrays in a way, too).
  • Keachet's original character page background was Stede's and vice versa. It was also the original character page background for Oslonda.
  • Keachet, Tobaul and Joarfol are tied for speaking in the most amount of Season 1 shorts.