Languil Viola is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

He is a polyglot and speaks multiple languages like Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Languil’s design is based off a typical user icon (the one with the faceless head and body).
  • Languil's name was probably based off of the word "Language".
    • Languil's original name was Canesh, and that name was constructed from the word "Spanish". His name didn't change until he was needed for a Blugrays short in early November 2017 that wasn't finished on itme.
  • Languil may have been a female before.
  • Languil’s was a polyglot at some point until Natty23 released that his name (his original one) was based off of one language only, and Bursle (a character from the cancelled series The Squishables) was already that, so he made Languil bilingual only, making English and Spanish the two languages he’s fluent in. But before the polyglot idea came to Natty23’s head, the character was just simply going to be bilingual anyway. However, he eventually became a polyglot again around the time his wiki article was being made.
  • Languil used to have the same type of arms Culpatyn does.
  • Languil is the youngest student and bloban of the main Blugrays cast.