Literal Haiku is the eleventh short in the series.

In this short, Tacner recites a pretty weird haiku.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is Tacner's first appearance (and speaking appearance) in a Blugrays short/content piece.
  • The MIDI intro at the beginning of the short was generated by AI Duet. The reference was the beginning of the Seinfield theme.
    • In addition, the version that's played in this short is the medium speed version. It was originally slower, and a faster version was made as well, but neither were used in the final version.
  • The chairs used for the audience are edited versions of the ones seen in Available Academic Assets, just without the desks attacked to them. They're also slightly more accurate.
  • This is the first short since Lounch where sound effects are used, albeit none of them being from
  • The short was originally going to take place in a Blugrays theatre, but this was changed to the Green Dolphin Lounge since that's where Tacner would most likely be reciting his haiku (like on an open mic night, which the College of Staten Island has every Wednesday night).
  • This was supposed to be the original tenth short of the Blugrays, and at one point, the website even said it would be.
  • Until one minute after launching on the Blugrays website, the previous button on this short's page lead to Food Pantry which is the preceding short of this short's preceding short.
  • This is the first Blugrays short to be released the same day as a comic (simultaneously in fact); in this case, it was Power Outage.
    • However, this short was technically released on YouTube a short while before both this and the comic were put onto the website.
  • Like Power Outage, this comic was released on one of Natty23's grandmother's birthday.
  • This is the last Blugrays short to have a background image for the homepage, as the last one for that page was actually from a comic.
  • Blue Audience Member is called Crowd Member in the credits due to that name being the original one of the character.