Museum of Current Art is the twelfth comic in the series.

In this comic, Celwoge takes the Blugrays on a trip to a weird museum.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first comic since Dodgevan to not physically include all of the Blugrays students (even though it's pretty safe to say it technically does in a way). It is also the first one since Houseless Bloban to include at least one of the other three Blugrays characters (not counting the students and Celwoge). In this case, it's Oslonda.
  • This is the first time side views of Hibe, Dafe, and Celwoge are seen. It's also the first time Celwoge was technically redrawn in something public since production of the series began.
  • The paintings on the museum are just images that could be reused and modified from Wikipedia and Google.
  • The museum background itself is derived from a Webdings short called Admire the Exhibit, albeit recolored (the wall anyway). Webdings is another series made by Natty23 (the creator of the Blugrays).
  • This is the first comic to use darker text colors to comply with ADA WCAG Level "AA". Some parts of the website started supporting this level more six days before the release of this comic.
    • Eventually on October 16, 2018, since ImgPile stopped working, forcing Natty23 to reupload all the comics once more, every comic eventually got this update (some even fixed up goofs they previously had). This comic also got another update by fixing the goof mentioned below and making Dafe's side view slightly more detailed.
  • This is one of the two shortest Season 1 comics of the Blugrays (the other is Walking Around the NEIGHborhood), but they're also tied with a Season 2 comic, Real-Life Election Night Special, for being the shortest comic of the series.

Fixed GoofEdit

  • Hibe was missing his three o'clock hand marking in the last two panels.