Online Test is the ninth comic in the series.

In this comic, the Blugrays worry about an online test.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This comic came out exactly one month after the previous one.
  • This is the second comic/content piece to show all of the main Blugrays students. In fact, the only main cast members that don't appear are Dilphan, Tacner, and Oslonda.
  • This comic, along with the comic succeeding this one, currently has the most amount of main Blugrays characters without having at least one other character.
  • Cary Huang's Shaker tool was used to randomize the rotations of the students to make them seem more life-like in the comic. This includes whenever they're seen from the back as well. It's also the first use of that tool in a Blugrays comic.
  • This is the first time Hibe spoke in a comic/content piece.
  • This comic was actually finished the night before it was released. However, due to the College being closed the day the comic was supposed to come out, Natty23 was contemplating about whether or not to put the comic up on Wednesday or Thursday, especially since the inspiration of this comic came out the Wednesday before the one it was finished on. He ultimately decided to release it on Thursday since it would at least be up on a day the College was planned to be open, even if it was planned to open it late that day.