Oslonda Racoosin is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

She, along with another assistant (Tacner), helps the leaders of the Blugrays Celwoge and Dilphan set up things, do some paperwork, etc.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Oslonda’s design is based off the shape of a portion of Staten Island.
    • Just like Tacner though, her design was less complex at first.
  • Oslonda’s name is constructed from the word “Island”.
  • Oslonda’s original name was Oslond, but Natty23 added an “a” to the end since it’d be weird if the name Oslond was given to a girl since it sounds more masculine than feminine.
  • Oslonda's original character page background was Stede's and vice versa. In addition, Stede's background was also the original character page background for Keachet.