Power Outage is the eleventh comic in the series.

In this comic, A planned power outage in Blugray Cove is announced by Celwoge.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This comic is very similar to the previous two comics, Online Test and Celwoge's Improved Teaching Workload, in several ways:
    • All three comics have the students react by groaning, gasping, or staring, or sometimes more than one of those reactions.
    • All show every main Blugrays student. In fact, out of the main cast, these comics lack Dilphan, Tacner, and Oslonda.
    • All comics are tied for having the most amount of main Blugrays characters while lacking any other characters.
    • Cary Huang's Shaker tool was used to randomize the rotations of the students (and Celwoge) most of the time to make them seem more life-like for both of these comics (same goes for back views).
  • This is currently the longest Blugrays comic yet at 14 panels. It is also the first comic to reach that number. Funnily enough, this was probably the most rushed comic to date, as the script was technically improvised as the comic was being made in Adobe Animate. Usually, the script is finalized before the comic itself is made.
  • This is the first Blugrays comic to be released the same day as a short (simultaneously in fact); in this case, it was Literal Haiku.
    • Because of this, since they both came out at the same time, this is the first content piece to never be featured on the homepage.
    • However, the short was technically released on YouTube a short while before both that and this comic were put onto the website.
  • Like Literal Haiku, this comic was released on one of Natty23's grandmother's birthday.
  • Until one to two minutes after launching on the Blugrays website, the previous button on this comic's page lead to itself.
  • This comic was inspired by a planned power outage at the College of Staten Island that was only revealed about close to three hours before development of this comic began.
    • Funnily enough, neither Blugray Cove or the College had an actual power outage the night this comic was published because not long after this comic was released, the real life power outage which was scheduled to occur around the same time this comic came out was delayed by a day.