Printer Problems is the second short of Season 2 of the Blugrays and the 14th short in the series.

In this short, Tarsa has a problem with the Educational Success Area's printer.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first short/content piece since Blugrays Direct Deposit to use art from a new artist to the Blugrays: RedAnimations. He designed the printer for this short.
  • This was one of the earliest planned shorts of the series. It would've possibly been a comic originally too.
  • This is the first short of Season 2 of the Blugrays to use the normal intro and credits since the first one of the season used a grayscale version of both due to the references of that short.
  • MegaAnimazing came up with the title of this short.


  • The pages of the printer are blank.
  • The calendar's date on the computer doesn't change on the second day (it stays on the tenth day), although it's possible that Tarsa may be trying to print another thing on the tenth of another month.