Real-Life Election Night Special is the fourth comic of Season 2 of the Blugrays and the 17th comic overall in the series.

In this comic, Tobaul and Culpatyn prepare for NYU TV's election night special.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first Blugrays content piece to be released in November.
  • This comic was released the same day as the short Voting for Nobody.
  • This comic is tied with Walking Around the NEIGHborhood and Museum of Current Art for being the shortest comic of the series. It is also the shortest of Season 2.
  • This is the first comic of Season 2 to only include main characters.
  • The homepage text linking to this comic was gray when it was first released for a very short while. It wasn't in the random page list either until about half an hour after it came out.
  • The idea of this comic was originally thought of as a Hidden component of the short this comic came out with (using the short's characters though, and in a video format of course). This never came to be, and when no other good ideas came to Natty23 (creator of the Blugrays) on time before both that short and this comic were released, he just used this idea as a last minute comic. In fact, this comic was so rushed it may make Power Outage (another rushed comic) look a bit more polished by comparison. All of its panels were done in literally under an hour (while the latter comic took a couple of hours to have its panels completed) and the script wasn't reviewed by anyone before work on the panels were done either (unlike all predating Blugrays comics to this one save for Power Outage, which had a script improvised while the panels were made).


  • Whenever the tablet is on Tobaul's lap, it should've looked flatter (or shorter).

Fixed GoofEdit

  • Until the succeeding comic was released (which was about nine days later), this comic never got a spot on the Random Page since Natty23 accidentally added a second instance of the preceding comic in the code.