Season 1 of Blugrays premiered on August 10, 2017, with a comic and ended on August 26, 2018, with a short mix.

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  • Until about close to 25 minutes after the release of Blugrays Direct Deposit on YouTube, that short, along with the three before it, were under the category of People & Blogs instead of Film & Animation on YouTube. God and Artistunknown pointed this out to Natty23 and the problem was fixed very quickly.
  • Until not long before the release of Food Pantry, Natty23 has forgotten about the Blugrays Shorts playlist since the second short, Right It. The third to eighth shorts were added shortly before Food Pantry came out, and that short, too, was put into the playlist. Similarly, Cherry Blossom and Literal Haiku, the tenth and eleventh shorts respectively, weren't added until the twelfth short, Summer Streets, aired. Also, it went into the playlist the same day it came out.

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