Stede Quade is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

He loves to study, and because historians do a lot of that, that's what he's trying to become at the Blugrays.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Stede’s design is based off a book.
  • Stede’s name is constructed from the word “study”.
  • Stede may or may not have been a female originally.
  • There was originally three separate characters that had traits of Stede. One was simply a genius and was into science, one was into history and had a good memory, and one loved everything about books. At some point, Natty23 decided to turn those three characters into one and give their traits to Stede, who’s the closest character to having those traits, although he changed his interest to history and gave the interest of science (in this case, in terms of food) to Dafe.
  • Stede's original character page background was Oslonda's and vice versa. In addition, Stede's background was also the original character page background for Keachet.
  • Stede only speaks in two comics in Season 1 and never talks in any of the season's shorts either (he only appears in one too). The only character not to speak (or even appear) in any Season 1 shorts is Dilphan. These cases make Stede one of the least popular main characters of the Blugrays (at least for the first season).
    • Stede finally talks in a Blugrays short in Season 2 however. That short in particular is the season's third short, Walls and Streets.