Summer Streets is the twelfth short in the series.

In this short, Tobaul applies for Summer Streets in a slightly unusual way.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first time the Future Bass style of Jukedeck music was used in a Blugrays/Natty23 animation.
  • Despite Tobaul's phone's closeup looking like it used spline tweens, it actually used motion tweens disguised to look like them.
  • One of the bikers in the short was based on a worm that appeared in the Artistunknown animation "Who Likes to Party?"
  • This is the first Blugrays short to be released after the Random Page button was implemented and the Vimeo account of the Blugrays was made.
  • This is the second longest Blugrays short to date. Currently, the only one longer than this one is Water in Progress.
  • This is the second Blugrays short to be released the same day as a comic (once again in a simultaneous way); the comic in question was Forbees.
  • This is the final short of Season 1 of the Blugrays and the last to have a background image for the animations page before background images were phased out.
  • This is the also the last short of Season 1 of the Blugrays to contain just one main character.