Tarsa McCluskey is one of the 16 main characters of the Blugrays.

She aspires to be a nurse for multiple reasons. For the most part, her interest in how the bloban body works and save bloban's lives influenced her to try and be one.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Tarsa’s design is based off of a nurse's hat.
  • Tarsa’s name is constructed from the word “nurse”, although originally it was Tarso.
    • Interestingly, it’s a coincidence that the constructed name is very similar to the word “tarsus”, which is a group of bones in the foot, therefore making it related to nursing in a way.
    • In addition, until June 1, 2017, Tarsa’s original first name was Numpe, which was also constructed from the word “nurse”.
  • Tarsa wasn’t going to be in the series originally, although she was planned to enter the series before Lexal was.
  • Not counting the four main characters, Tarsa is the only character to retain her original color (the one Natty23 gave her). Everyone else had their colors changed, although at one point Hibe was accidentally given Dafe’s original color, but was given it anyway in the end, so if that accident counts, Hibe also retained his original color.