The Measlumbellingococcal Dose is the first comic/content piece in the series.

In this comic, a doctor mixes doses to hopefully save his patient time.

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Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first content piece of the Blugrays.
  • This content piece of the Blugrays currently has the longest title.
  • This is also the first content piece of the Blugrays to contain characters not part of the main cast.
  • This is the first and only comic/content piece with outlines at a width of 5. It changed from that number to 5.95 in the short that came after this, Lounch.
    • However, it changed back to 5 since Artistunknown preferred it over 5.95 in Circle Road, the fifth comic of the Blugrays (released in 2018).
  • It's also the only content piece/comic of the Blugrays to be released before Natty23 (the creator of the show) officially began college classes.
  • So far, this is the only time in the Blugrays someone has died; in this case, it was the patient the doctor had.
  • Tarsa is the first main character of the Blugrays to appear and talk (through comic form at least).
  • For a while, the first Blugrays comic was hosted on Google Drive until the link stopped working. As a result, it switched to on August 20, 2017, until it went offline between September 1 and September 3, 2017. As a result, it has moved to PostImage on the latter day, until that too was replaced by ImgPile on January 9, 2018, for converting the comics into low-quality images.
  • For now, this is the only content piece of the Blugrays to have a custom page title: "Don't mix doses!".
  • This comic was actually finished back in June of the same year it was released, but it took a while to be released since Natty23 was almost always unsure about when to release it or how the comic as a whole would look like at the time.