The New Sweatshirt is the eighth short in the series.

In this short, Languil shows off his new sweatshirt to his friends.

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  • This is Culpatyn's first speaking appearance in a Blugrays animation. She has talked in at least a couple of comics before and made a brief appearance in the fifth Blugrays short.
  • This is the first time jacknjellify's Shaker command was used in a Natty23 animation, let alone a Blugrays one. It was used for when Languil was shocked that his sweatshirt was too short and exclaimed, "What?" A custom one made by Natty23 was previously used in two animations, once for the aforementioned fifth Blugrays short, Available Academic Assets, and a couple more times in the sixth Webdings episode, a series also created by Natty23.
  • The painting used in the short is an altered version of a picture made using As for the background in the sweatshirt ad, it was made with a Material Design Background Generator. The Blugray Store's website design itself is based off of the CUNY Store's website design.
  • This is the first short/content piece to be released while Natty23 was in college. As a result, when this short was released, a couple of things were different. First of all, the short was released onto the website while the backgrounds for the previous comic and animation/short, Dodgevan and Blugrays Photography Club, were still present. Eventually after a few minutes of the short being released they were substituted by low-quality, dark and blurred versions of the Blugray Cove background until one for this short was made, although that was mainly because the desired scene for this short's background used a new feature that hasn't been put in a public version of Animate yet at the time (which was layer parenting) and it would be a hassle to get it to the right size. In addition to that, the short may have gotten a custom link late as well. As for those terrible backgrounds, they were eventually replaced about five and a half hours after the release of this short. "(Short #8)" was eventually added into the "LATEST ANIMATION" text around that time too.