Walking Around the NEIGHborhood is the third comic in the series.

In this comic, Dilphan and Culpatyn try to get information about the NEIGHborhood, a neighborhood full of horse-like blobans.

Appearances Edit

Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first comic/content piece of the Blugrays to have characters not in the main cast that don't talk.
  • This is the the first comic/content piece of the Blugrays to be outside.
  • This is also the first comic/content piece of the Blugrays to be outside of the Blugrays. It's also the only one released in 2017 to fit this criteria and currently the only one period.
  • Because of sizing issues, this comic is hosted on Weebly rather than PostImage this time.
  • This is Dilphan's first appearance in a comic/content piece.
  • As of this comic, Culpatyn is the first character to talk in more than one comic.
  • This is currently the only comic of the Blugrays where Natty23 came up with the title, written the script of the comic without it being edited, and did all the art. However, of course, it was still critiqued to be improved.
  • This is the final comic to use a narrow version of the Trade Gothic font for the speech bubbles.
  • This comic is one of the two shortest Blugrays comics of Season 1 (Museum of Current Art is the other), but they're also tied with a Season 2 comic, Real-Life Election Night Special, for being the shortest comic in the series.
  • Hidden on the Blugrays website is a version seemingly hosted on the Weebly website itself with the old text colors.

Fixed GoofEdit

  • Sometime after all the comics were reuploaded onto Lensdump and had their header text colors changed, the page that hosted this comic had both the new version and the old version of the comic, with the former being on top of the latter. This was fixed sometime before 9:20 a.m. on October 25, 2018.